We handcraft gourmet bento boxes daily, focusing on the harmonious balance between taste, health, and beauty.  Please email us your order from our current Bento Menu.

We also cater small and large events that highlight more of our style of Japanese home-style cooking.  Please email us for more information.




We are a catering and events planning company that serves Japanese-inspired modern home-style cooking with global influences.  We cater all sized events that include everything from private event gatherings to breakfast and lunch photo-shoots, corporate luncheons, trade-shows or conferences, company parties, and of course, our favorite type, weddings. 

We started our business by making gourmet bento boxes daily, where we focused on our unique courses and presentation.  But as people began to love the taste and design of our bento boxes, we eventually grew to a full-scale catering and events company. Our catering menus change at least 2 to 3 times a week. We do exactly what a caterer should be doing: catering the menu to your desires! You will rarely have the same meal twice.  We source all our ingredients locally using only the freshest and most seasonal ingredients every week.  Please inquire about our full-service catering capabilities or email us your order from our current Bento Menu.  **Currently we are only accepting bento orders ONLY for large parties.  Please inquire**

Please email us for more information:


As a former fashion design editor in Tokyo, I came to NYC all alone with hopes of starting my own business. Where better than NYC I thought than to succeed or quickly fail miserably?  There I met my partner who shared my inspirations and Shiki nyc was born in April 2016. We called our company "shiki" which in Japanese translates to four seasons, emphasizing the real seasonality of our food. We really go out of our way to create different menus each week according to what’s in season and what we feel is freshest.

I'm thrilled to bring my background in Japanese cooking (both my mother and grandmother were cooking teachers in Japan) and blend it together with our trained chefs in French, Italian, American and other cuisines to introduce our very own distinct and unique “shiki” style of Japanese cooking.  It will be my lasting pursuit to show how creative, healthy, and visually striking our style of food can ultimately be to our beloved customers.  Please enjoy!!!! -Misako



Chef/Co-Owner Misako